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What's New in the Kitchen

Breakfast, Lunch & the staff are special at New Lothrop............


Reminder that Free lunch includes Free Breakfast as well. Reduced Breakfast is .30 cents and reduced lunch is .40 cents.


High School
High School Breakfast- $1.50
High School Lunch - $2.00

Elementary Breakfast- $1.25
Elementary Lunch- $1.75

What's Hot!
Breakfast is hot and awesome at NL schools. Check it out. Look what's going on for lunch.


New Theme's each week. Wow! Lunch has never been so good.

"NO CHARGING FOOD POLICY"Starting November 29, 2010 charging for the Junior High and High School students will no longer have the option to charge breakfasts, lunches, snack, drinks, etc from the cafeteria.

High School Staff includes:
Stephanie Freed
Valerie Baker

Elementary Staff includes:
Vickie Vincke
Marg Jacobs
Ronda Birchmeier